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Aries Ascendant 2020 Horoscope Predictions

BS Srinivasan Leave a comment. Love is in the air for Simha Rashi natives. This year all you will experience is love, joy, and happiness. Happiness will form a significant part of your life. Based on the Simha Rashifal forecast, this year your finances will dwindle a bit, but this will neither affect your financial stability nor your career. You will be able to overcome all the challenges that come your way and emerge victoriously. Your attitude this year of will be all about optimism and positivism. Your enduring character will take you a long way in realizing your potential. According to the Rashifalyour career this year will be on the right path. You will work hard to capture the attention of your bosses. Your hard work will not go in vain since you will be promoted to the post of manager. You will be tasked with leading a team due to your determination. The interest and love you have for your career will enable the bosses to consider you for a seat at the table shortly. The motivation and zeal you possess at the workplace will attract your fellow employees to you. You will be in a position to advise them and teach them some skills. Those Simha Rasi natives looking for jobs will secure jobs that will enable them to cater for their expenses. Those who were about to be fired or retrenched will still hold on to their works since their luck has not yet run out. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Simha Rasi Forecasts for Health Simha, your health will be awesome this year, but you will need to take good care of yourself. It is not a guarantee that you will enjoy good health the whole year unless you take good care of yourself. Work out always to keep fit. Eat healthy meals and drink a lot of water to strengthen your immune system. The above mentioned will not only apply to you but also to your family members. If your family is healthy and you are healthy, then that is a guarantee that you will have a happy home. You should also cater to emotional and mental health by staying away from stress and depressing situations in Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As per the finance horoscope for Simha Rashifal, the money you had saved up in the previous years will save your situation this year.


Your Ascendant, or the first house is the most important house in your horoscope. The Lagna signifies your body, the self and has important clues about the guiding traits in your life. By learning what your Lagna is you can have a deeper understanding of your motivations, inner spirit, and important characteristics. Your Lagna Ascendant is calculated on the basis of your birth date, time and the location that you were born. If you do not know your lagna fill in your birth details and we will calculate it to show your correct Lagna and its influence on your life. What is your Ascendant Lagna? Finding your Lagna? If you know your lagna click on the link below to see the Lagna predictions. Get Your Ascendant. Person Details Name. Male Female. Birth Place. Email Email. Your Email address is required. Please wait while we process your birth details Your birth details are being processed. This won't take long. Please wait Or select your Ascendant from the list. Aries Lagna. Taurus Lagna. Gemini Lagna. Cancer Lagna. Leo Lagna. Virgo Lagna. Libra Lagna. Scorpio Lagna.

Saturn Transit 2020, 2021 and 2022 – Capricorn on 24th January 2020

Usually, we see a lot of random predictions on the internet with no logic or no sources of those predictions on Saturn. What is the use of such random predictions with no source? I always believe in delivering quality knowledge, which should benefit the entire Astrology community for the upcoming generations. So without any further Ado, let us start the first article of the Saturn series. So now the question is what are the characteristics of the planet Saturn? So all these qualities will be there if Saturn occupies the first house. Coming back to the point, take a look at the verses from the Hora Shastra th Chapter- 9th Sloka where it explains what happens when Saturn is placed in the first house. But in the same 18th Chapter- 9th sloka itself, it again says as below. If Saturn occupies in the Lagna other than these said houses, then the results will be similar as said for the planet Sun. Now let us learn what Sage Bhrigu says about Saturn in the first house. Sage Bhrigu has given a brief explanation in the first seven sutras of the 7th Chapter. Those 7 Sutras from the Bhrigu Sutram are given below in order. But in the Sutra-7 says Subha Dristhe Nivrithiwhich means if the negative results will get canceled if the Saturn is aspected by benefic planets such as Jupiter or Venus. Always note that if any malefic planet is aspected by a strong benefic planet, then its negative results will get nullified. Saravali says the same effects as said in the book Phaldeepika. Now let us learn about the results of Saturn when occupies the First house in 12 different Rashi. Bhadhaka Planet as Saturn in Mesh Rashi says about the pending Karma left behind from previous births. So in this birth, it will have to be cleared when Saturn gets placed in Mesh Rashi. As we discussed if Saturn for Mesh Lagna will be:. I would humbly request all Astrology students to vary the position of Saturn before getting into the conclusion. This will be said as a very good disposition of Saturn as per the Classical Texts. Any affliction to Saturn can completely turn everything down to negative results. Always note that Saturn should be totally free from all afflictions by the malefic planets to get the exact positive results said above. My Views : In my past experience with horoscopes, I have not seen any positive results when Saturn is placed in Mithun Lagna. These are my personal observations.

Mesha rashi (Aries) Monthly Rashiphal (Rashifal) for April 2020

Persons looking for starting their professional careers will get many opportunities to get into new vocations. There will be plenty of travel for both profession and pleasure. These trips will bring fruitful results and enjoyment to family members. The Rashifal for indicates that you will have the freedom of choice to do whatever you want. Your efforts will yield the desired results. Success will be guaranteed because of your focus and diligence. Business people will succeed in their ventures and business travel abroad will get the desired advantages. Middle of the year is encouraging for business people. Career oriented persons may expect change of place which may disturb their focus temporarily. Career Horoscope for Vrischik people for the year promises a reasonably good year for professional people. They can take up new jobs, and they will do well in their jobs. You may not be satisfied with the success you achieve in your career though you have put in your best. You should be ready for a transfer to a new location and accept it as a challenge. During the yearVrischik individuals will get many prospects to grow in their jobs. You will get promotions to senior positions with pay rises during the second half of the year. You will succeed because of your hard work and ingenuity. People in business will have a great year. End of the year is rewarding for dealings in realty and speculative investments. Love Horoscope for Vrischik individuals foretells that the year will be very beneficial for single persons. They can get into new love partnerships this year, and they will be long-lasting. While getting into new relationships, you have to reflect well before taking a decision. The year will be favorable for new love relationships, and confirmed partnerships may end up in marriages.

Vrischik Rashifal 2020 – Vrischik Rashi 2020 Horoscope Vedic Astrology

Mesha Rashi Shani Transit Predictions. Those who are born between March 21 and April 19 are the natives of Aries Zodiac as per the date of birth. It begins on Ugadi, 25 March and ends on 12 April This year Aries have Guru movement in 9th House. Shani Saturn in 10th House in So the year is good period in terms of health, wealth and family life. They will have good earnings at the same time equal expenditure is present, Family life will be good. Financial position is good. Life with your partner will be happy. You can earn good fame but it can be confined to be average at many instances. Read more on General Predictions for Mesha Rashi Rahu : Rahu will be in 3rd house till 23 September and then till the end of the year, Rahu will be in 2nd house. Ketu : Ketu will be in 9th till 23 September and then till the end of the year, Ketu will be in 8th house. Ashwini Nakshatra Predictions Bharani Nakshatra Predictions Krittika Nakshatra Predictions For Mesha Rashi natives, this year will be a good one. Though occasionally some troubles may flare up. Higher officials and superiors may pressurize you. Read more about Mesha Rashi Career Predictions The year is going to be exceptionally good for the students and the people involved in research work. You are bound to get the sweet fruits of your labour and hard work. The year will be favourable for the students who are preparing for competitive examinations. First half of the year will be extremely good.


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